Sheriff Carlos Bolanos Releases some Booking Photos.

By Michael G. Stogner

I first reported that Redwood City Police Officers Arrested San Mateo County Sheriff Sergeant Louis Aquino for DUI right after he left the Deputy Sheriff Association DSA Bar and crashed a Jeep into a tree.

San Mateo County Sheriff Sergeant Lou Aquino Arrested

Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos and his PIO refused to provide the Booking photo. Several requests were made.

Adam Alberti Editor of ClimateRWC Important story with Booking Photos

It has a really cool picture of a Sheriff Patrol Vehicle and 2 Booking Photos. Why were they released and not Sgt. Lou Aquino’s?

Google San Mateo County Sheriff Sergeant Louis Aquino Arrested for DUI and see how many of the print media reported it and what dates their articles came out.

All Booking Photos should be available to the media and public.

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