San Mateo County Election Day is six days away.

By Michael G. Stogner

The Election is Six days away, no matter what the SMDJ tells you. Today’s article “Slightly less than 2 weeks away.”

The Great news is Mail-in Ballots by far the safest way to vote in a Pandemic will be counted if received up to 17 days after November 3, 2020. That means received by November 20, 2020. That is very different than some states.

Mail-in ballots must be signed, dated and postmarked by Election Day, and they must be received by the county elections office no later than 17 days after Election Day. Once sent, mail-in ballots can be tracked via

San Mateo has 504,473 eligible voters in this election.

Vote by Mail Ballots received: 205,929
Vote Center Ballots received: 5,913​​

I mailed my ballot in on October 3, 2020 over the last 3 months first class letters have taken up to 12 days from SMC to Monterey County.

Vote it’s Important

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