Measure Y PASSED

By Michael G. Stogner

Update November 30, 2020 Measure Y Won by 42 Votes.

Update November 25, 2020 Measure Y is leading by 43 votes.

As of November 23, 2020 the City of San Mateo Measure Y is leading by 42 votes. That is the biggest lead in the last 4 reporting dates and finally the San Mateo County Elections Office is not reporting remaining ballots to be counted is 200.

Congratulations to all of the residents of San Mateo who had to work so hard to get this Measure on the ballot in the first place.

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One response to “Measure Y PASSED

  1. kuhreannaicloudcom

    $1.5M just doesn’t buy what it used to. Developers and their friends against Measure Y are crying in their beers. I support the voters and the committee who did all the work to get this on the ballot. Citizens received no support from the San Mateo City Council, our State Senator and their representative on the Board of Supervisors. Quite the contrary, these individuals came out against Measure Y on a colorful flyer we all received in the mail…Remember! Sounds like these elected officials are out of touch with their constituents. Good thing some of them are termed out. Stay tuned to see what kind of juicy bone they are thrown when they finish their term. THE VOTERS WON!

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