Sandra L. Harmon, Andres Gaurdado both Shot in Back with Hands up.

By Michael G. Stogner

What did Sandra Lee Harmon R.I.P. and Andres Gaurdado R.I.P. have in common. They were both killed by Sheriff Deputies in their counties. Sandra was shot 3 times in the back and Andres was shot 5 times in the back all 8 shots were FATAL. Both Sandra and Andres had their Hands Up above their Heads when they were shot.

Who doesn’t want to get to the truth here? The list is long.

In San Mateo Mateo County the short list is Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos, District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe, Coroner Robert Foucrault, County Counsel John Beiers, Charles Joseph, and David Silberman who’s daughter Sara works for the Sheriff.

The issue is simple Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos and others want the public to believe them when they tell lies. I want to believe the highest ranking Law Enforcement Officials in San Mateo County. We all want to believe the highest ranking Law Enforcement Officials in SMC.

They told us there was a shootout, Sandra fired first, the scared for his life deputy returned fire and she died. No mention she was unarmed, she had her hands up above her head with her back to Deputy Dominguez who all by himself fired 11 shots at her. No mention that 3 of the 14 shell casings were moved (Evidence Tampering) That’s a bad thing.

They told us it’s unfortunate but the scared for his life deputy didn’t turn his AXON BODY CAMERA on at the time of the killing.

The AXON LOG RECORDS of the Sandra Lee Harmon Homicide by San Mateo County Sheriff Deputies on May 5, 2020 in Half Moon Bay belong to the Public. The Public paid for them.

Body Worn Cameras are for the Protection of both Law Enforcement Officers as well as the Public. They provide truth of what really happened that night in the parking lot behind the Pasta Moon.

San Mateo County Counsel Attorney David Silberman has a long history of representing Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos interests. Look what he did to former Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez, he protected Sgt. Jason Peardon, or for former San Mateo County Sheriff Sergeant Mike Otte who not only lied, but committed Perjury in Hon. Judge Lisa Novak Court.

David Silberman is standing in the way of the Public verifying what they already suspect. Why?

Mark Melville Sheriff Candidate for 2022 less than 2 years from now has already said several times that he will release to the public the AXON LOG RECORDS that David Silberman is so adamant the Public will never see.

The City of Half Moon Bay should sue San Mateo County for the AXON LOG RECORDS today. They should not hesitate, what the council has done so far with asking the A.G. to Investigate the Sandra Lee Harmon Homicide is Historical, and they have requested from Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos the AXON LOG RECORDS, that Mark Melville has said he will gladly provide to them when he becomes Sheriff of San Mateo County.

Citizen David Eblovi has informed the City of Half Moon Bay that he will sue the County for the AXON LOG RECORDS if he has to. Don’t make a Citizen do the work the City should do.

After the Public gets the AXON LOG RECORDS, and if it turns out the story provided by the SMC Government is false, David Silberman should be fired.

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