Nathan Ballard why not charged with Attempted Murder of 4 year old?

By Michael G. Stogner

Nathan Ballard

The Nathan Ballard Criminal case should be compared to the dismissed San Mateo County Criminal case of Zain Jaffer.

Both involve the Attempted Murder of their children, Zain Jaffer’s 3 year old son and Nathan Ballard’s 4 year old child. Both men claimed to love their children and know and knew they were falsely charged.

Both cases involve Crisis Management Public Relations firms Sitrick in Jaffer and Ballard’s own company.

Ballard’s wife Mara is most likely the Victim who reported to the Napa County Sheriff’s Office October 18, 2020 the next day after the alleged crimes. If she is not the unidentified victim she has probably already met with her new Divorce Attorney.

What is consistent between the Jaffer case and Ballard case is that the Victims are being IGNORED.

Ask yourself when did you first read about Nathan Ballard being arrested?

Nathan Ballard was formally charged December 3, 2020.

Stay focused on the alleged Victims and what was reported to have occurred. Ask yourself if these allegations were made against the average American Citizen or Resident would the News Media have reported it sooner.

It is not uncommon for the Victim’s to be sold out in these “Those Who Matter” cases.

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