Flying during a Pandemic is it Safe? Of Course Not, look at UAL Flight #591 last week. COVID-19 Positive man dies in flight.

By Michael G. Stogner

Why would anybody think it is safe to board a large tube and fly for 5.5 hours with a bunch of strangers? You do know that Humans Lie don’t you. The Airlines only ask you to fill out a form on COVID-19. What happens if you lie nothing just take your seat. Go ahead and expose the entire Aircraft Passengers and Crew. What about the wife who knew he tested positive a week before they both boarded the Airplane, What was she thinking?

Until flights can be safe and they are not at this time. It’s up to you to protect yourself and loved ones it always has been. Stay out of Aircraft. This is not the first time COVID-19 Positive people have boarded Commercial Flights. Even when they were told not to Board. You are not protected.

Article Flying with COVID-19 from SFO

What role does FAA and TSA have in Protecting the Public and Flight Crews?

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Wear a Mask, Best of Health.

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