HMB Resident Rachel A. Quintana did the right thing. SMCSO Sgt. Otte committed Perjury.

By Michael G. Stogner

In late 2015 Rachel Amanda Quintana did what most of us hope we would have the courage to do. She went to the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office Sub Station in Half Moon Bay to file an official complaint about Sheriff Deputies abusive interactions involving her two brothers. She should get the Best Sister Award if there is such an award.

What she got instead was arrested at her home a couple of days later. The ARRESTING party was lead by Sergeant Michael E. Otte, and included Deputy Nicholas P. Kostielney and Deputy Jose M. Velasquez. 66.66% of the arresting party lied and made false statements.

San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Kostielney filed A supplemental report after the arrest in which he stated that “no cellular telephones possessed any video footage of the incident.”

What he was declaring was that Sergeant Micheal E. Otte did NOT Video the Arrest with his personal Cellphone which in fact was a lie and he knew it.

It’s one thing to lie in an Official Police Report It’s a whole different ball game to lie under oath on the Witness Stand in Hon. Judge Lisa Novak’s Courtroom which is exactly what Sergeant Michael E. Otte did on January 5, 2017. Who was aware of the Perjury committed by a San Mateo County Sheriff Sergeant in a Superior Court in San Mateo County. The list is long, I won’t bother listing all but at the top was Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos, County Counsel Attorney David Silberman, Hon. Judge Lisa Novak, Her Bailiff who should be acknowledged for doing what we all expect of our law enforcement employees.

Hon. Judge Lisa Novak & Sgt. Michael Otte Perjury starts on Page 5

What happened to Deputy Nicholas P. Kostielney?

We know what happened to Sergeant Michael E. Otte, Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos gave him a Retirement Party.

Sgt. Michael E. Otte & Sheriff Bolanos

How many more Brave Citizens/Residents of Half Moon Bay came forward to report abusive behavior by the San Mateo County Sheriff Deputies. The City Council should have a data base available to the public to protect the public.

Rachel Amanda Quintana paid the price, years in the criminal justice system, with all charges to be dismissed quietly. Also a civil suit case number 19-cv-00060-CRB in United States District Court Northern District of California San Francisco Division.

When did Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos or Captain Kristina Bell notify the City of Half Moon Bay of this Illegal conduct by it’s Law Enforcement Public Safety Officers?

Welcome to San Mateo County


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2 responses to “HMB Resident Rachel A. Quintana did the right thing. SMCSO Sgt. Otte committed Perjury.

  1. Cheree Alma

    So…what about other cases the judge has presided over?
    What about other cases the sergeant otte was involved with…he’s obviously a liar and so is this judge..
    Who’s in jail because they had the unfortunate series of events with these two rotten people…

  2. Why was Rachel Amanda Quintana arrested in the first place? Why did the District Attorney’s Office file criminal charges against her? Why did her case last so long after they knew the arrest was bad? When did Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos notify Half Moon Bay Elected Officials and Staff that Sergeant Otte had committed Perjury in judge Lisa Novak’s Courtroom? When did Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos notify the Residents of San Mateo County?

    Who’s in Jail because they had the unfortunate series of events with these two rotten people?

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