San Mateo County President of Supervisors David Canepa wants to close Schools.

By Michael G. Stogner

SMC Supervisor President David Canepa

President of the San Mateo County Supervisors wants to close all schools. San Mateo County has 1 available ICU Bed. That’s 1 for the whole County. Santa Clara County next door has 1 Death and 60 Emergency Room Staff that are Positive for COVID-19.

San Mateo County is supposed to have 25% of it’s ICU Beds and trained staff available. If the number of ICU Beds and Staff total number is 82 than 21 ICU Beds and Staff should be available, again today SMC has 1 available. That is what everybody should be worried about.

“To even have conversations of keeping schools open, probably not the most responsible to do at this point in time.” said Supervisor David Canepa.

It’s interesting that it has taken this long for an Elected Supervisor of San Mateo County to take this position. Now lets see what happens.

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