American Patriot Peaceful Protester?

By Michael G, Stogner

Update: Jan 10, 2021 His name is Eric Gavelek Munchel

Wednesday Jan. 6, 2021 there was an attempt to overthrow the United States Government. Thousands of self described patriots left their homes in states with Stay at Home orders to only go out for Essential trips. I’m sure flying to Washington D.C. during a Pandemic to attend Political Rally sponsored by a Politician who has lost 62 court cases all based on No Evidence provided to the court to support his false claim he won the election. I’m sure most people who attended were thrilled to be part of this and actually thought that the President of the United States invited them personally to attend. When you attend a large Protest You are responsible for your personal behavior. For all the protesters who did not bring weapons, and did not Illegally enter the Capital Building which was most of you and that’s a good thing, I just ask what made you choose to attend at all, there is a Pandemic it’s real?

There were people there who had different motives than you, like this alleged American Patriot.

What was his Intention, Why the Handcuffs?
Who was he hoping to find?

President Trump was very upset with Vice President Mike Pence & Nancy Pelosi. Remember this wasn’t a Democrat or Republican thing. This was an attempted Coup to overthrow the Government.

America is a Land of Laws it was Illegal to enter the Building Period, It was Illegal to Kill the Capital Police Officer.

Always know what the Laws are and Stop the lies. Just because somebody says something is true doesn’t mean that it is.


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2 responses to “American Patriot Peaceful Protester?

  1. tgunknown

    To call what happened on Wednesday, Jan 6 a coup is a stretch. What happened recently in Bollivia was a coup, what happened in Venezuela in 2002 was a coup attempt and what happened in Washington on Wednesday was political theater. You don’t show up for a coup in a viking costume

    I’m not saying there wasn’t there wasn’t an objective to the theater. I believe the objective was accomplished. The capital is now surrounded with fences and armed military. This makes “redressing your grievances” more difficult and will seriously limit access for the press. Also, watch for even more censorship of the internet. That’s the coup.

  2. Mark DePaula

    What happened on January 6 , 2021 was illegal and wrong.
    I am sure everyone knows the Federal law enforcement agencies knew a few weeks about plots to attack the Capitol Building from SOCIAL MEDIA. The SOCIAL MEDIA sites had maps of the Capitol Building and mapped out the offices of the building.
    Again a small % of bad people which included a far left group were also involved. What about the summer months of cities that were being burned down by far left groups?

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