San Mateo County Vaccinations, There is NO Stockpile of doses just wait.

By Michael G. Stogner

Last Tuesday there was a call to all the Governors that included Vice President Mike Pence and Alex Azar. Mr. Azar said that the entire Stockpile of Doses that had been held back would be released. Three days later he resigned and causally admitted THERE IS NO STOCKPILE.

California Governor Gavin Newsom, appearing at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles for the opening of a mass-inoculation site, said Azar and Vice President Mike Pence had committed on a conference call this week with governors to releasing a vaccine reserve that Newsom said had included some 50 million doses stored in Michigan.

Americans are so used to people in authority lying to them. I’m not sure what the exact amount of doses were supposed to be stockpiled but I sure Alex Azar and Mike Pence did. What would have made those two men make that statement to the Governors on Tuesday.

If you haven’t read the Crimson Contagion Exercise of 2019 Google it. Then think about the Federal Government’s Response to something they knew what the outcome would be.

I’m not sure if the amount of doses matters, but if it was supposed to be 50,000,000 doses that is a Big Deal.

Previous articles written have reported some people willing to pay $25K for the vaccine.

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