Yanira Serrano Memorial Scholarship

By Michael G. Stogner

I can’t think of a better way to share Yanira Serrano’s story than with the youth of Half Moon Bay, California. If you can please donate and share.

Dear San Mateo County Community Members,

This past year has been a struggle for many families as they have faced financial insecurity due to job loss and increased health care expenses, in addition to grief for loved ones who have been lost during the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite all these difficulties, the hard-working families in our community have continued to support their exceptional Coast Side high school students who have encountered unprecedented challenges while studying online to pursue their dreams of going to college. Many of the students have taken on jobs to assist their families with rent and other expenses.

Many of these hard-working students also take time out of their weekend to help distribute staple food items to struggling San Mateo County families every Saturday because they understand and hope to alleviate food insecurity within the community. Given the current financial crisis, these deserving students are unsure of how they will fund their college education.

Please help us show these students that we believe in their dreams and aspirations and consider a contribution to the Yanira Serrano Scholarship Fund. We all know this has been an unprecedented and stressful year, and community contributions will allow these students who have worked so hard under great stress to start college on the right foot and with a lesser financial burden.

In partnership with the Latino Council of Half Moon Bay, the Yanira Serrano Scholarship Fund was created in memory of an HMB High School community member who was lost during a mental health crisis. The scholarship was named to honor her memory and help give life to the future of Coast Side High School students. Over four years, the scholarship fund has distributed over $7,000 to ten high school students to help alleviate college’s financial burden and jump-start their futures. The primary candidates to receive the scholarship will be selected based on need and contributions made to the community.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

Latino Council of Half Moon Bay

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  1. Jeff Regan

    Thank you Michael. Just donated.

    Jeff Regan Shooting Star Video ssv.com 650.619.7460 jeff@ssv.com


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