Charles Stone get real about the safety of Bus Drivers.

By Michael G. Stogner

San Mateo County Bus Drivers should not be driving until all of them have been vaccinated and 2 weeks time has passed Period. This is not Rocket Science. The Covid-19 Virus and the many variants are spread through breathing, every reasonable person knows that. A helpful example I use is smoke, you can smell it before you can see it. The virus is Airborne you can’t see it.

San Mateo County participated in the nine month 2019 Federal Exercise Called “Crimson Contagion Functional Exercise of 2019.”

Crimson Contagion Functional Exercise 2019

Until Doses are available just relax, This was a Deliberate Act by the Federal Government, at least now the doses and the distribution into arms are a top priority.

Good News Update 3/11/2021 from LATIMES partial list includes BUS DRIVERS

The state has also classified the following groups as eligible for the vaccine: custodians and janitors; public transit workers; 

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