SMC Sheriff Deputy Dominguez, What was his plan? Sandra L. Harmon Homicide.

By Michael G. Stogner

May 5, 2020 Half Moon Bay, California about 7:25PM a non emergency 911 call is made to report a woman armed with a shotgun and a bottle of wine was walking down the sidewalk had just warned a woman working in her garden about the possibility of a race war. More than 20 minutes later and several Deputies looking for said woman Deputy Dominguez goes by himself to the exact motor-home that a man recommended the Deputies check for her. Deputy Dominguez failed to notify dispatch that he was going there, and failed to notify dispatch that he had arrived at that location and was getting out of his patrol car and approaching the motor-home by himself. In the next minute or two Sandra Lee Harmon is dead, shot 8 times with 3 of them Fatal in her back. Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos, District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe gave press releases and public statement declaring there was a shootout and Sandra Lee Harmon fired at Deputy Dominguez first. That turned out to be a Lie. They also notified the residents that Deputy Dominguez had failed to turn on his Body Worn Camera and that explains why they are not showing the public what really happened that night. They don’t offer any evidence (AXON LOG RECORDS) which could verify the status of BWC was turned off or not. They didn’t ask Deputy Dominguez to take a Lie Detector Test regarding that statement.

The Estate of Sandra Lee Harmon just filed a lawsuit in which it states that Deputy Dominguez fired at Sandra Lee Harmon first, He also fired at her while she was unarmed with her hands above her head striking her in the back. There is also evidence that 3 Shell Casings were moved at the Crime Scene. It’s going to be interesting to find out Who moved those three shell casings and also who else knew about the Tampering of Evidence at a Homicide Crime Scene.

Note: I’m not in favor of de-funding law enforcement, I am in favor of firing dishonest law enforcement officers.

I recommend San Mateo County fire any Sheriff Deputy who claims to have not turned off his/her BWC when they are involved in a critical incident.

This lawsuit will take many years to make its way through the courts. A much faster way to get the AXON LOG RECORDS is to elect a New Sheriff that will release them. So far Candidate Mark Melville has made that commitment.

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