Thank You Everado Rodriquez. SMC Health Data Useless.

By Michael G. Stogner

I stopped reporting on the San Mateo County Health Data a long time ago. The reason was simple San Mateo County Manager Mike Callagy could not tell me where the 12 newly reported ICU Beds and Trained staff were located. This was back when the County was to maintain a 20% Availability of ICU Beds to stay off of the States Watch List.

Everado Rodriquez has been questioning the San Mateo County Health Data being reported on their website from the beginning. He has been trying to protect the residents of his community of North Fair Oaks.

Any reasonable person would know that North Fair Oaks would be one of the most infected areas of San Mateo County. The reasons are obvious and Everado continued to question the authorities to publish the accurate data.

Why would he want the accurate data to be published? One reason might be when the County’s website shows North Fair Oaks has only 10 positive cases it would be very difficult to persuade the residents that their lives are in danger. Young people often think it can’t happen to me, and when the County is reporting 10 cases for most of the year Who could blame them for thinking that way.

Recently San Mateo County Health Data Website went from the 10 Case to 551. It would have made a difference if the daily case count was accurate.

Thank You, Everado Rodriquez

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