X Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez Court Case.

By Michael G. Stogner

Tomorrow 9:00 AM Courtroom 2G to Listen 1-206-279-9591 Code 631595

Another day Juan P. Lopez and his 2 attorneys from San Francisco at the Redwood City Superior Court only to be informed to return tomorrow.

Remember I’ve written about the District Attorney’s Office being used as a weapon against some people. Filing False Criminal Charges is just one example and it is criminal. Remember Juan P. Lopez was charged with Smuggling a Cell-Phone and Drugs to a Hells Angel Inmate at Maguire Jail. What happened to those charges? Were they honest charges to begin with? Nope.

Tomorrow should be about San Mateo County District Attorney Inspector William Massey he is of course the guy who started everything, then there is San Mateo County District Attorney Inspector John Warren, also San Mateo County Sheriff Sergeant Jason Peardon and the City of Belmont Police Department involving a Break In and Domestic Violence Protocol Violation. San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Armando who committed perjury to get a Search Warrant. He made 2 phone calls himself and told the Judge, He needed the Warrant to find out Who made those Suspicious phone calls.

I’ve always said that the Juan P. Lopez case was going to be the most exciting criminal case in San Mateo County History. Never before have I seen so many Brady Officers who are on the Witness List including Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos as a starter.

Article about William Massey and John Warren

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