Juan P. Lopez former San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy in Court Today.

By Michael G. Stogner

Update: Court cancelled Today Next date is Tuesday 9:00 AM Same numbers as below

To listen TODAY at 2:00PM call 1-206-279-9591 Code 631595

DDA Kimberly A. Perotti is continuing forward with her Brady Officers line up, starting with Jordan Boyd San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office Investigating Officer. You might ask what is a Brady Officer, that is a Law Enforcement Officer who is Dishonest. Jordon Boyd’s work product in the Lopez case was highlighted when he took Juan Lopez’s Drivers License from him and by just looking at it informed Juan that it was Suspended out of Los Angeles. That’s pretty amazing Detective work.

He also worked on the Chinedu V. Okobi Homicide by SIX SMC Sheriff Employees and most recently the Sandra Lee. Harmon Homicide by two SMC Sheriff Employees in Half Moon Bay May 5, 2020 he edited and placed misleading captions on the Videos he got from the AXON EVIDENCE.com. He knew that Sandra Lee Harmon did NOT fire first, He knew she was shot at while unarmed, and he knew three shell casings were moved and relocated at the Crime scene and didn’t say Boo about it. I would say that qualifies as being Dishonest.

DDA Kimberly A. Perotti wants to make sure the Jury doesn’t hear about any collateral consequences Juan P. Lopez has experienced as a result of the investigation, execution of search warrants, his 2 arrests and subsequent court proceedings in this case. Including any employment or employability consequences; embarrassment or shame; or any other affects resulting from members of the community learning of the investigation and prosecution.

Evidence of or reference to these topics is IRRELEVANT.

Ms. Perotti doesn’t mention her office Knowingly filing False Criminal Charges most dismissed already against a 27 year Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez with no criminal history. It’s simple she couldn’t care less.

How is SMCDA Inspector Jordon Boyd still on this case? It should also be noted the Inspector Jordan Boyd’s Boss is San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office Supervisor William Massey. Everybody in the Sheriff’s Office, County Counsel’s Office and the DA’s Office knows about his Misconduct towards Juan P. Lopez and his girlfriend from day one.

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