COVID-19 Reality vs. Happy Talk

By Michael G. Stogner

Last night I watched my favorite sport Fast-Pitch Softball Alabama vs. Tennessee and Washington vs. Arizona. Last week I did the same Southern States, the fans were maskless. What stuck out to me about last night was one of the girls was wearing a face covering while she was up to bat. There is no question a mask makes it harder to breath, and yet this athlete knew something, her Health is more important than a Game.

I was fortunate enough to read the Crimson Contagion Functional Exercise of 2019 in March of 2020. San Mateo County participated in it. I made my own choices of my personal behavior in March of 2020 because of that report.

Crimson Contagion Exercise 2019

Below is from Todays’ LATIMES

B.1.1.7 U.K. Variant

The B.1.1.7 variant is thought to be as much as 50% more transmissible than other widely circulating variants, and a study published this week in the journal Nature suggests it is 61% more likely to cause severe disease or death.

Minnesota’s experience with the B.1.1.7 variant has also raised concerns about another of its attributes: its apparent ability to spread to and sicken children and young adults more readily than other strains. In Minnesota, one-third of the new cases were seen in people younger than 20.

You are responsible for your Health and Safety Not the Chamber of Commerce.

Best of Health to you and your loved ones.

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