I want to speak to my attorney.

By Michael G. Stogner

x Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez asked San Mateo County District Attorney Inspector Jordan Boyd to speak to his attorney two times during an interview on August 4, 2014. Jordan Boyd had other plans and continued the interview.

Does a Law Enforcement Officer have the same rights the rest of us do? DDA Kimberly Perrotti doesn’t think so, she argued to Hon. Judge Joseph Scott that Juan Lopez was an experienced Law Enforcement Officer and knew that he could just get up and walk out of the little room in the D.A.’ s office anytime he felt like it.

On August 4, 2014 Deputy Lopez was escorted from his work station on the 4th floor to Inspector Jordan Boyd’s interview room by Ed Barberini and Craig Denton of the Sheriff’s Office. There was a Plan between the Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorney’s Office. The reason I say this is on August 1, 2014 a Judge in San Mateo County signed 2 Search Warrants for both of Juan’s properties and Jordan Boyd claimed to have them at that moment and informed Juan that teams were at both properties as they speak.

That information by itself would be pretty disturbing to most of us.

The Search Warrants mentioned Mortgage and Insurance fraud issues. It means prior to August 1, 2014 the Sheriff and District Attorney have reason to believe a San Mateo County Sheriff Employee might have provided a lender with the box for owner occupied checked, when that might not have been accurate. Does that ever happen in the lending industry? Did the lender file a criminal complaint to bring it to the Sheriff’s attention?

Where would they have gotten that idea?

April 2014 San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez reported to the Sheriff’s Office that his car was broken into at his Redwood City Condo. Stolen from a Backpack were documents regarding mortgage and insurance.

When Juan Lopez was asked if he had any idea who broke into his car he answered San Mateo County Sheriff’s Gang Task Force.

Miranda rights, are they equal for everyone? How many times do you have to say I want to speak to my/an attorney?

I’m not an attorney but, It looks like just to be on the safe side, especially with Jordan Boyd you should say it right after he says Hello, and say it every sentence there after.

Example Hello, I’m Inspector Jordan Boyd.

You: I want to speak to my/an attorney, I want to speak to my/an attorney, I want to speak to my/an attorney, etc.

Hon. Judge Joseph Scott is expected to rule on the Miranda issue today.

Defense Attorneys for Juan P. Lopez are Tony Serra and Maria Belyi from San Francisco.

If you are interested you can listen today at 9:30 AM phone 1-206-279-9591 code 631595

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One response to “I want to speak to my attorney.

  1. Thanks for staying on this. The level of corruption of the DA in our County is unreal. They have a back door portal into the jail and can listen to calls, including of known represented parties. The jail recording says the calls may be monitored, but statewide this is pretty much by the sheriffs at the jail, not the “D.A.!!” with a back door portal to just listen. If they do so, they must disclose it to defense attorneys but they don’t. It’s called discovery. They use it in court and the judges say nothing. The judges and DAs have ex parte comm all the time, totally improper. So much. We need to talk. They should be prosecuted for setting this guy up. I know of others.

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