DDA Kimberly Perrotti demonstrates her full knowledge of the Fraud and Brady Officers behaviors in the Juan P. Lopez case.

By Michael G. Stogner

Juan P. Lopez

Today in the Juan P. Lopez case which is 6.5 years in the making. DDA Kimberly Perrotti shows her true colors this morning she fully knows the entire case is based on FRAUD.

She got all fired up this morning as soon a Greg Munks and William Massey names and content of Massey’s emails was discussed.

She wants to make sure the jury only hears about the last 6 counts of all the charges her office brought forward including Smuggling a Cellphone and Drugs to a Hells Angel Gang Member in Maguire Jail.

Question Ms. Perrotti what are your thoughts about falsely charging Deputy Lopez with this crime. Isn’t that Illegal, what about Moral Turpitude?

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