Showboater Supervisor David Canepa

By Michael G. Stogner

Recognizing a photo and public speaking opportunity is David Canepa’s speciality. Yesterday he again finds himself in another Supervisors district saying nice big words he has no influence over. Here is what he said yesterday “We will not tolerate hate in San Mateo County,” said Canepa. That should have always been true in SMC

He is in the company of Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos and District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe.

Has Supervisor David Canepa watched the video created by Carlos Bolanos and Steve Wagstaffe and made public of Chinedu V. Okobi’s Homicide by SIX San Mateo County Sheriff Employees in Millbrae October 3, 2018. I have asked him he has not responded. Has he made sure the Sgt Zaidi was criminally charged for filing a false police report in that investigation?

Has Supervisor David Canepa made any public comment when Barbara Bonilla was first removed from her office as Executive Director of the Sheriff Activities League. Barbara Bonilla worked for Carlos G. Bolanos back at Redwood City Police Department in the early 2000’s and she was his campaign manager in 2018. She was finally criminally charged by the Attorney General’s Office after investigating her for Embezzlement and Money Laundering.

Has Supervisor David Canepa made any public comment about the Homicide of Sandra Lee Harmon by one and possibly two San Mateo County Sheriff Deputies in Half Moon Bay on May 5, 2021. The City requested the A.G. Criminally Investigate Sheriff Bolanos and District Attorney for there many false statements after the fact. No evidence of a shoot out, Tampering with Evidence the moving of 3 shell cases. The refusing to provide the Axon Log Records which would verify the statements by both that Deputy Dominguez turned off his Body Worn Camera before he shot an unarmed woman in the back while her hands were above her head. Also it looks like he fired first.

Has Supervisor David Canepa ever done anything to make sure Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos and District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe would never use their authority to cause harm to a fellow Law Enforcement Officer like x San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez. One of the many false charges that they held a Press conference for was Smuggling a cell phone and Drugs to a Hells Angel Gang member in Maguire jail. What did he say when those charges were simply dismissed 2.5 years later? Nothing

What did Supervisor David Canepa do when he learned about that, The Sheriff Office and the District Attorney’s Office used as a WEAPON to cause COLLATERAL CONSEQUENCES to a Sheriff Deputy? Nothing

Has he listened in to any of the recent Juan P. Lopez Court Hearings remember 6.5 years and counting?

He can today 9:30 AM 1-206-279-9591 code 631595

Defense Attorneys Tony Serra and Maria Belyi

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