SMC Hon. Judge Joseph Scott ruling on Miranda to be appealed.

By Michael G. Stogner

Juan P. Lopez

Yesterday in the x San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez case Hon. Judge Joseph Scott ruled that San Mateo County District Attorney Inspector Jordan Boyd did not violate Deputy Lopez’s Miranda Rights even though he clearly asked to speak with his attorney twice. As soon as he finished stating his ruling Defense attorney Maria Belyi and Tony Serra respectfully informed the court that they would be appealing his ruling as early as that afternoon.

The Juan P. Lopez case all started 6.5 years ago with San Mateo County Sheriff Lt. Gilbert Armando and Jordon Boyd deciding on his own to start a criminal investigation, He claims nobody asked him. Wait till William Massey takes the witness stand. Massey is Boyd’s Boss.

This is SMC’s Collateral Consequences Case.

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One response to “SMC Hon. Judge Joseph Scott ruling on Miranda to be appealed.

  1. Sienna Cryme

    Mr. Stronger,
    I was recently in San Mateo kangaroo court and was so shocked by actions of my ‘private defender’ acting like a Brady Officer it made search fir an open irecent investigation and I found your articles.
    I have some interesting Oddesey portal tricks San Mater county partakes in. If you search a made up case by case name, there are no results. Online case access to made-up cases requires the actual case number or it’s not found in the search. Santa Cruz does the same so I’m sure there are more. And if ask the San Mateo county D.A.’s office for file copies, the receptionist claims ‘They’re not an office of public record’. I thought is she joking or is she serious?! Makes you wonder how many others heard the same line. After discovering online mugshot posted about case I filed Public Health and Safety complaint & got no reply. first private defender couldn’t win ‘motion to suppress’ he filed and now I’m headed for Jury trial in July for 3year old criminal misdemeanor and reassignment of attorney who wears bright hot pink tight pants to court. I was then denied Marsden motion, time is all that was left to unravel a case full of misconduct from the start.

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