Shawnna Maltbie the City Manager of Daly City finally issues a statement on Roger Allen’s Homicide by DCPD Officer.

By Michael G. Stogner

Shawnna Maltbie

Roger Allen is dead, he was killed by a Daly City Police Officer, on April 7, 2021 that is a fact.

What we don’t know is the name of the Daly City Police Officer who shot and killed him.

What we do know which is almost nothing, but is always promoted by the District Attorney’s Office and the News Media whenever a civilian is murdered by law enforcement in San Mateo County is that the officer was FEARFUL for either his/her life or their partners. If the word fearful is missing from the original Police Reports it will be mentioned by the Attorneys who meet with their clients the Police Officers within minutes of the Homicide.

April 14, 2021 Shawnna Maltbie’s Statement

Why did it take 7 days to make a statement in the first place?

Daly City claims to be committed to transparency, What is the name of the Police Officer who shot and killed Roger Allen? This officer in on paid administrative leave. Daly City Elected Officials, The Police Chief, and City Manager, Assistant City Manager all know who the officer is. Releasing the Officer’s name won’t effect any investigation, it will provide the transparency the city claims to be committed to.

Why wouldn’t Daly City Leaders ask D.A. Wagstaffe to refer this Investigation to the Attorney General’s Office?

Another question for all Daly City Elected officials and Staff. Why have you allowed your Police Department to work without Body Worn Cameras which the San Mateo County Grand Jury warned you about in 2016.

Response to Grand Jury 2016 on Body Worn Cameras

Body worn Cameras are for the benefit of Police Officers as much as they are for the public.

Minneapolis is a prefect example, Daunte Wright was murdered by a Police Officer April 11, 2021, The Police Chief released the Body Worn Video within 18 hours. The public got to see what the public servants actually did, not what they say the did. Since the release, the Police Officer who was identified right away resigned and has been arrested and charged with manslaughter. The Police Chief has resigned, and the City Manager has been FIRED. That’s all within 2 days.

Why did 4 Daly City Police Officers show up for a vehicle with a flat tire in a residential neighborhood? Who called for backup. According to the Police Chief this innocent started at 1:55 PM and according to District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe, Roger Allen was in the Ambulance and on his way at 2:11 PM. That’s 16 minutes. Which DCPD Officers provided life saving measures and for how many minutes before the Ambulance arrived?

How many minutes did EMT’s provide life saving measures after they arrived and before they loaded Roger Allen and transported him?

What time was the fatal shot fired? What time was the second shot fired?

What training of DCPD Officers teaches them to reach into a vehicle and grab a gun that is in the hands of an occupant? That’s the story that is being reported by Stave Wagstaffe.

There is No excuse for Daly City Police to not have Body Worn Cameras period. Those videos should be made public with No Edits or Captions added within 12 hours of a Critical Incident.

What makes Daly City Elected Officials and Staff think they are not going to have to answer these simple questions?

Article What duty do City Managers have?

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