Can a single person make a difference? Yes, Chris Lambert did.

By Michael G. Stogner

Kristin Smart

April 13, 2021 San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Ian Parkinson and Cal Poly President Jeffrey D. Armstrong acknowledged Chris Lambert and his Podcast which brought worldwide attention and witnesses who were never followed up on in the 1996 Missing Person/Murder case of Kristin Smart a 19 year old freshman at Cal Poly.

His Podcast “ Your Own Backyard,

Chris Lambert “For most of my life, Kristin Smart has been a face on a billboard,” he wrote on Instagram. “I’ve learned about Kristin the daughter, Kristin the big sister, Kristin the friend, the neighbor, the roommate. Kristin the swimmer. Kristin the dreamer. And I’ve learned that you can miss a person you never even got to meet.”

To all the Chris Lamberts’ in the world I say Thank You, You know who you are.

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