NBC News doing their part, Daly City’s Flat Tire Homicide of Roger Allen by Police.

By Michael G. Stogner

NBC Bay Area News wanted to make sure the viewers knew the Important part of the Homicide of Roger Allen by Daly City Police Officers.

In this 21 second video they left the viewers with, “He was fearful for the partners life.”

They don’t mention 4 Police Officers surrounding a vehicle with a Flat Tire in a residential neighborhood at 1:55 PM as reported by the DCPD and the deceased Roger Allen left the crime scene by ambulance at 2:11 PM according to San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe. They don’t question the official story of a Daly City Police Officer reaching inside the vehicle to grab a gun. Where is that taught for Police Officers to ever do that?

The Elected leaders and staff including City Manager and Police Chief are responsible for this Homicide.

Daly City Police should have had Body Worn Cameras since 2016.

This Investigation should be done by the Attorney General’s Office.

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One response to “NBC News doing their part, Daly City’s Flat Tire Homicide of Roger Allen by Police.

  1. amaddencali

    Thanks for your work on these issues Michael; The new AG should investigate; with Bonta we may start seeing some oversight when these things occur. Body cams should be mandatory at all times.

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