Shawnna Maltbie, Place Public Comment at the beginning of all Daly City Council Meetings change time to speak to 3 Min.

By Michael G. Stogner

The Maltbie name and San Mateo County Government go back a long way. Shanna is married to Jeff Maltbie who happens to be the City of San Carlos Manager, Jeff is the son of John Maltbie who was San Mateo County Manager for many years and has personally benefited by being a member of the “Those Who Matter” team. Everyone remembers the April 1993 Prostitution Sting Operation where Sheriff Deputy Trisha Sanchez was the Decoy. District Attorney Jame P. Fox years later when asked why didn’t you prosecute Maltbie he said “That case never crossed my desk.”If there is another family that is more involved in running the government of San Mateo County I’d like to know it. Shanna Maltbie is the City Manager of Daly City, which means she runs Daly City, she has influence on who is hired and fired like Police Chief Patrick Hensley. She easily could instruct Chief Hensley to identify the four Daly City Police Officers who were involved in the Homicide of Roger Allen on April 7, 2021 who was shot and killed while sitting in the passenger seat of a disabled truck (flat tire) on a residential street. According to the very limited (almost No Information) provided by Police Chief Patrick Hensley and District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe the Daly City Police made contact with the disabled truck at 1:55 PM and Roger Allen R.I.P. was transported by ambulance from the crime scene at 2:11 PM. That’s Fast, as a matter of fact that might be a San Mateo County Record for AMR if it was AMR. During this 16 minutes a lot of things happened that make a reasonable concerned citizen want answers to. Why were 4 DCPD Officers called to a truck with a flat tire? What are the names of the 4 DCPD Officers Involved? What training policy teaches DCPD Officers to reach inside a parked vehicle and wrestle with a Large Black Man who allegedly was wielding a Fake gun. What is DCPD Policy on shooting into a vehicle when there are other passengers inside? What time were the two shoots fired into the occupied vehicle? What time was AMR requested? What time did AMR arrive on scene? Did AMR treat one of the Police Officers at the Scene? How many minutes did AMR provide life saving measures (Chest Compressions) on Roger Allen before transporting his body? How many minutes did DCPD Officers provide Life saving measures to Roger Allen? What time did that occur?

These are just some of the Question the public now has because of Daly City’s behavior. This could be a very long meeting caused by the Elected Officials and Staff.

Just because somebody says something is true, doesn’t mean that it is.

This is what Shanna Maltbie says about Daly City. If this were true the Names of the 4 Officers would have been made public 17 days ago. Public Comment would be first to follow The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag: “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all,”

The members of our department are highly trained and dedicated to serving our community by maintaining an active and progressive partnership with the citizens, schools and businesses of the City of Daly City.

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 All of our programs and activities are aimed at just one goal: “Making the City of Daly City a safe place to live, work and play.”

Roger Allen R.I.P.

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