Shawnna Maltbie = “Those Who Matter”

By Michael G. Stogner

Shawnna Maltbie

Shawnna Maltbie is the City Manager of Daly City, which is one of 20 Cities and Towns in San Mateo County, California. She is the reason Daly City Police Department doesn’t have Body Worn Cameras at least since 2019. She is the reason the names of the Four Daly City Police Officers who were involved in the Homicide of Roger Allen a Black man sitting in the passenger seat of a disabled truck 21 days ago. That’s right Shawnna Maltbie has refused to identify the Police Officers who work for her. She is also responsible for the ZOOM Meeting which took place on April 26, 2021, she was on that meeting that had over 130 members of the public including Family Members of the Deceased Roger Allen. She is responsible for placing Public Comment at the end of the Agenda instead of at the beginning that is a neat little trick to make the public suffer by waiting several hours to speak and it is the easiest way to suppress Those Who Don’t Matter the general public. She also added a residential address requirement to the register in advance trick. Why would the public who is her employer have to sign up in advance to speak at a Public Zoom meeting? It’s not like the Maltbie Family hasn’t been running the Government Meetings in San Mateo County for many years.

During the April 26, 2021 Zoom Meeting, the majority of speakers asked for the names of the Four Daly City Police Officers to be publicly identified. That is a very Low Bar to get over. There wasn’t one speaker who didn’t want that to be accomplished and they wanted it to be done NOW at that meeting.

Shawnna Maltbie wife of San Carlos City Manager Jeff Malbite who is the son of John Maltbie who was San Mateo County Manager for years. Shawnna had a different plan, She was going to allow Daly City to name those 4 DCPD Officers in a Press Release today Wednesday April 28, 2021. Why?

Those Who Matter are not bothered by the public being upset with them, they control the data, they control the media, they control who gets elected, who gets investigated, who gets criminally charged, who gets county money for special programs.

Today is different for Those Who Matter.

Shawnna Maltbie, Stephen Stolte, and Patrick Hensley are the first 3 Employees who should be FIRED Today.

Name the Officers Involved in Roger Allen’s Homicide Now. Any Elected Official and Staff should be asked what their position is on releasing the names of Officers involved in Homicides of Civilians the day of the Critical Incident.

Every Elected Official and Staff member in Daly City is on the Wrong side of this one. I’m not surprised.

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