Daly City releases names of the 4 Officers. 23 days after Homicide of Roger Allen.

By Michael G. Stogner

Mayor Juslyn Manalo promised the April 26, 2021 ZOOM Meeting with over 130 participants the names of the 4 Police Officers Involved in the Homicide of Roger Allen would be released on Wednesday through a Press Release. That did NOT Happen. As a matter of fact the names have not been released per a Press Release period. Somebody sent a scoop to a news media favorite.

Mayor Juslyn Manalo

Who from Daly City released these names that Police Chief Patrick Hensley knew on April 7, 2021.

It wasn’t City Manager Shawnna Maltbie.

It wasn’t Assistant Manager Stephen Stolte.

It wasn’t Mayor Juslyn Manalo

Here are the names:

Lt. Michael Brennan Investigation Commander was a Swat Team Leader in 2012-2017.

Nicholas McCarthy

Cameron Newton

Rosa Brenes

Now today 23 days after the Homicide of Roger Allen by DCPD Officers we now have a Ruger instead of a Glock. And now it is a BB gun instead of a FAKE gun, whatever that is.

Ruger vs. Glock is a Big Deal.

Remember from start to finish was 16 minutes according to Hensley and Wagstaffe. When I say finish I mean in the ambulance and it left the crime scene.

What was Lt. Michael Brennan Investigation Commander doing at a disabled truck with a flat tire “we are here to assist you” incident?

Who released the names? Why wasn’t that done on day one, and why wasn’t it done on the ZOOM Meeting.

Who controls the data?

Who controls the narrative?

I suggest the data is controlled by Maltbie.


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2 responses to “Daly City releases names of the 4 Officers. 23 days after Homicide of Roger Allen.

  1. mgell97gmailcom

    So much about this incident doesn’t add up. How many policemen does it take to change a flat tire? Do investigation commanders typically spend their time “helping” stranded motorists?
    Their efficiency is sure impressive – 16 minutes from police arrival to the ambulance leaving with a body. Did they have the paramedics on standby around the corner?
    And I thought cops were specially trained in guns. Wonder why they had so much trouble identifying them.

  2. When Chinedu V. Okobi was murdered by Six SMC Sheriff Employees less than 8 miles away from where Roger Allen was killed by Law Enforcement, it was 18 minutes before an AMR employee even touched him. They gave him chest compressions for another 8 or so minutes only then realizing his hands were still handcuffed. That really effects the positive impact of chest compressions.

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