Daly City Swat Officers “Heroes” according to Steve Wagstaffe. Lets Review the facts.

By Michael G. Stogner

In 2014 Errol Chang was killed inside his home in Pacifica by two Daly City Police Swat Team Officers. They were both ordered to enter the tiny home by who knows who of the Daly City Swat Command after being on scene for only 6 hours. They entered and assaulted Errol’s space and shot him in the chest 8 times killing him on the spot.

The Pacifica Police on the other hand did everything right. They were first on the scene and were in communication with Errol and his family members and nobody got hurt and they tried to calm him down to get him the help his family was trying to accomplish.

The question I have for Who knows Who in charge of the Daly City Swat Team that night is, What was your hurry?What did you think was going to happen when your two guys broke into the only safe space Errol had? What was your Plan?

Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said:

Officers Mario Busalacchi and Stephen Woelkers “undoubtedly saved the life” of Busalacchi by shooting and killing 34-year-old Errol Chang in the home he shared with his mother at 384 San Pedro Ave.

Daly City’s “Who knows Who,” could have saved Errol Chang’s life by not ordering Busalacchi & Woelkers into the house in the first place.

A special note and commendation for the conduct of Officers Busalacchi and Woelkers must be made. It is our belief that both officers conducted themselves in a professional, reasonable and proper manner and to the last moment sought to avoid the very result demanded by the conduct of Errol Chang. The reaction of both officers to the threat of imminent death to Ofr. Busalacchi is to be commended. Officer Busalacchi faced a remarkably dangerous situation, knowing that an angry, irrational and armed man was now raising the knife to stab him again. When he found it necessary to resort to lethal force, he did so in a manner that probably saved his own life. Ofr. Woelker’s conduct in seeking to prevent further attack and the likely death of his fellow officer was equally commendable. The conduct of the officers in this case can only be described as exemplary and the community was well served by their actions. 

Daly City Police Department provided assistance with the investigation. Any reasonable person would know that this is a Bad Idea aka known as a Huge Conflict of Interest.

I hope you noticed what I call Wagstaffe 101 “very result demanded by the conduct of Errol Chang,” Always blame the deceased for his/her own death.

I don’t think Daly City Swat Officers deserve any commendation for following orders they knew meant finish this and kill him. When you put yourself in harms way, and then kill the person I don’t think that is bravery.

This Swat Team assault on the home after only six hours should be compared with the Redwood City Police and San Mateo County Sheriff Swat Teams combined 17.5 hour Standoff of James (Jim) McGee in Redwood City. Totally different outcome. Walked out said hi to his friends he was former RWCPD Officer nobody injured, no doors smashed in you get the picture.

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