Happy San Mateo County Day.

By Michael G. Stogner

SMC Supervisor President David Canepa

For the last 20 years Iv’e been asking the Supervisors to Make San Mateo County Safer. Make sure the Sheriff and PIO issue honest and accurate Press/News Releases when an In Custody Homicide by Law Enforcement happens. October 3, 2018, Chinedu V. Okobi and May 5, 2020 Sandra Lee Harmon are just two recent examples. When Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos lies about a Critical Incident and more specifically about the person, the human being killed by Law Enforcement, I think that is a bad thing. President David Canepa doesn’t.

Last month on April 7, 2021 Roger Allen was killed by somebody in Daly City that we know for sure. The Daly City Police Department put out an alert. Here is what it said:

·**POLICE ACTIVITY** on the 700 block of Niantic Avenue near Westlake Avenue. Please avoid the area. There is NO threat to the public. We will provide an update later. Thank you.

No mention that Roger Allen was shot and killed, and the entire incident from start to finish meaning his body was transported by ambulance from the Crime Scene in 16 minutes, according to DCPD and SMCDA. That’s Fast.

At the April 20, 2021 Board of Supervisor meeting during public comment at the 8 minute mark in the video of the meeting I asked the entire Board to make a public Statement supporting the Release of Names of the Daly City Police Officers involved and to Support Transparency. They all chose Not to do that.

Video of BOS Meeting 4/20/2021

This is whats Important to President David Canepa and the Supervisors of San Mateo County, Todays meeting.

Presentation of a proclamation designating May 12, 2021 as Happy San Mateo County Day, marking the 165th birthday of the County. 


Supervisor David J. Canepa 

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One response to “Happy San Mateo County Day.

  1. Ray

    David Canepa is just interested in pay for play activities, that is why, He declared a Happy day for himself.

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