Roger Allen R.I.P. was killed 30 days ago by Daly City Police. That’s all we know.

By Michael G. Stogner

Shawnna Maltbie City Manager

Daly City Manager Shawnna Maltbie and Assistant City Manager Steven Stolte have made sure the public knows very little about what really happened. Both refused to identify the four Daly City Police officers who were finally named after Concerned Citizens continued to ask, request and even demand the names be released.

Of all people from the Elected Officials and Staff of Daly City, the City Attorney Rose Zimmerman released the names on April 29, 2021. Why the City Attorney and not the City Manager? Why 23 days after the Homicide?

What makes the Elected Officials and Staff of the largest City in San Mateo County want to behave this way, especially at this time in American History. Who did Shawnna Maltbie consult with about the secrecy plan of action to Not Inform the public of even the most basic facts involving the Homicide of Roger Allen on April 7, 2021?

Most likely her husband Jeff Maltbie the City Manager of San Carlos, and son of John Maltbie the former Manager of San Mateo County. Did they really think this information was not going to come out and be made public.

I’ve always thought if you just had good human beings in Elected Positions and Staff running the governments that would solve most of the problems. For example on the April 26, 2021 ZOOM meeting controlled by Shawnna Maltbie and Stephen Stolte the 130 Concerned Citizens all wanted the names released that night. Shawanna and Stephen didn’t. You could have replaced all of Daly City Government with any one of the 130 Concerned Citizens on that Zoom meeting and complete change would have occurred on the spot.

Here is what we know/Don’t know 30 days after the Homicide of Roger Allen a Black man sitting in the passenger seat a disabled truck in Daly City.

He was shot and Killed by somebody. What is the name of the Officer who fired her/his weapon?

One of the four Daly City Police Officers was first on the scene. What is the name of this officer?

Which Officer told the occupants “We are here to assist you.”

Daly City Police Press Release says “1 shot was fired.”

SMCDA Steve Wagstaffe says “two shots were fired.” How is that possible that your Police Department and the District Attorneys Office have different number of shots fired.

What is the name of the Officer who according to the governments statement “reached into the vehicle and wrestled?”

Who trained the Officers to do that, “Reaching into a vehicle and wrestle for control of a gun?”

What is the name of the Officer/s who provided life saving measures, what were those measures, and for how many minutes were they applied?

What is the name of the ambulance provider? Is it AMR?

What time were they called to the scene? What time did they arrive? What time did they depart?

Daly City, California is no Minneapolis, or Columbus Ohio, Shawnna Maltbie is the reason why. She is the “Those Who Matter” Gatekeeper of the Information that the public and the family of Roger Allen R.I.P. deserve.

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