Daly City Council approves Body Worn Camera after Roger Allen Homicide.

By Michael G. Stogner

Daly City Special Meeting May 5, 2021

If you ever want to know what the intention was, just look at the results. Public Comment is at 29:30 mark and Closed at the 30:12 mark Zero Public Comment. The Public did not know about this meeting, Why?

I recently wrote an article about a Daly City resident named David khan who claimed that the Daly City Police Department removed $80,000 Cash and some Gold coins from his residence. He even asked the Police Department to return it. I mentioned this case alone would be reason enough for Daly City Police to have Body Worn Cameras.

SMCN.com Article

I was surprised by the questions the City Council members were asking about how the Axon Body Worn Cameras and the Dash Cameras and Audio systems worked, and data storage etc. The reason I was surprised is they sounded like this was the first time they ever thought about it or discussed it.

I recommend City Manager Shawnna Maltbie have a Axon Representative attend a Public Zoom meeting where he/she can explain why the Body Worn Camera of Menlo Park Police Officer Joshua Russell who interviewed several witnesses in the Chinedu V. Okobi Homicide, Failed to download those interviews he tried twice, all interviews were lost. That’s a Bad Thing.

I recommend City Manager Shawnna Maltbie have San Mateo County District Attorney Inspector Jordan Boyd attend a Public Zoom meeting to explain the Editing, and Caption abilities that he is skilled at and what software capabilities exist, Blurring, deleting etc. He received a copy of the Body Warn Camera Video of the Sandra Lee Harmon Homicide Video within 24 hours. He never asked for the BWC Video of San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Dominguez, the Deputy who fired at least 11 shots at her himself. She was shot 8 times 3 fatal shots in her back. Deputy Dominguez fired at her while she was unarmed, hands above her head and her back was facing him.

I recommend City Manager Shawnna Maltbie have San Mateo County Counsel Attorney David Silberman attend a Public Zoom meeting to explain why he is Obstructing the Axon Log Records being released in the Sandra Lee Harmon Homicide. You would think that an attorney employed by the public would want the Truth to be made Public. The Government has simply said the Deputy did not turn on his BWC. HMB City Council wanted the Axon Log Records made public, The City Staff did Not.

The Axon Log Records would prove the Governments Story, David Silberman, Carlos G. Bolanos, and Steve Wagstaffe don’t want it released.

The Axon Log Records are paid for by the Public, they are the Public’s record. Not David Silberman’s

San Mateo County Candidate for Sheriff 2022, Mark Melville has stated he will release the Axon Log Record the first day he is Sheriff.

After watching this Special Meeting I am making the recommendation that all Daly City Elected Officials and Staff be replaced. Here is why when you allow your Police Department to work in the shadows you can only do that if there is Transparency and Honesty I don’t mean Talking about it I mean doing it showing the public you can be trusted.

Roger Allen Homicide is a recent example. Who was the first Officer on the scene? Why was she/he there? How did the next 3 Officers get there and when? Who reached into the parked vehicle? Who trained your Officers to do that? Who is the Officer that fired her/his weapon into the vehicle with occupants in it?

Since none of these questions have been answered or even been asked by the Daly City government, I say replace them.

This reminds me of 2010 I was contacted by a very Brave Female San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy she sent me a report titled. Gross Misconduct at the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Department. It was a report of 45 male SMCSO Employees sharing Porn and a violent Rape Video on the County Computers at the 400 County Center Building.

“Mr. Stogner I have sent this letter to you because you are the only person who has shown the courage to stand up to a corrupt county government.”

That was the first sentence.

San Mateo County Residents have got to elect good human beings that all. Never mind if they have ever been elected before. The less endorsements fro elected officials the better.

I’ll give one example Daly City Police Chief Patrick Hensley at the 28:52 mark says: “We do not have that funding in our budget.” He’s talking about $270,000 per year.

I would say to him, Chief that is the wrong answer, and thank you for your service. Shawnna Maltbie should be interviewing for a new Police Chief if she hasn’t already started.

Make San Mateo County Safer, get all law Enforcement on the same page and make sure it is the right page.

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