What was SMC Sheriff Deputy David Dominguez’s Discipline?

By Michael G. Stogner

What did Half Moon Bay City Manager Bob Nesbit and Deputy City Manager Matthew Chidester and SMCSO Chief Saul Lopez do to make sure the Official Government Statement from Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos his Public Information Officer Rosemary Blankswade, Lieutenant Stephanie Josephson and District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe “Sheriff Deputy David Dominguez did Not turn on his Body Worn Camera,” was in fact a TRUE Statement?

The sad answer is very little. The question is Why? Why aren’t they as interested as Concerned Citizens?

It’s really SIMPLE, the AXON LOG RECORDS will verify the Government’s official statement. Who is obstructing the release of the AXON LOG RECORDS? Answer San Mateo County Counsel Attorney David Silberman. Why?

SMCCC Attorney David Silberman

Updated Sheriff Office News Release

No mention of the Policy BWC Violation, The Governments claim that the Body Worn Camera was not turned on.

“Harmon fired at the first deputy on the scene.” What evidence is there to verify this statement?

Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos Video

Below the Video created by Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos that was made public 41 days after the Homicide of Sandra Lee Harmon this False statement is made, The incident involved a woman, armed with a shotgun, who fired at a deputy. When did she fire? Where was she when this occurred? How many shots did she fire?

There is no mention of the Three Fatal Shots into Sandra’s back, the fact that she was shot at while unarmed and hands were above her head while her back was facing Deputy Dominguez, or the fact that Three shell casings were moved to support the governments official story.

A reasonable person would know that those are important facts the public should have been told by Sheriff Bolanos.

“Our goal in releasing these videos, while still early in the investigation, is to provide our community with as much information as possible when we have a tragic incident such as this,” Bolanos said.

Is that a true/honest statement? Remember the Video was released 41 days after Sandra L. Harmon was killed.

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