When San Mateo County Government is the Enemy.

By Michael G. Stogner

By the time I had received these documents 11 years ago, I had already arrested a prominent Attorney on the 7th floor of the Courthouse and turned him over to the San Mateo County Sheriff Office April 3, 2002 9:05 AM, Don Horsley was Sheriff and Greg Munks was the UnderSheriff at that time. In March of 2007 I had personally requested Sheriff Greg Munks and Undersheriff Carlos Bolanos to resign for being caught and detained by the FBI inside a single family residence that had Human Trafficked Sex Slaves including a minor inside. The house was located at 3474 Eldon Street, Las Vegas, Nevada. The FBI Sting was named Operation Dollhouse. The date was April 21, 2007. I’ve served as a jury foreperson in San Mateo County where the District Attorney’s Office Falsely charged a Marine with a crime they knew there was No Evidence that he committed such a crime. What would allow the D.A. to do such a thing? It’s simple San Mateo County Residents don’t know about it the Newspapers don’t think that is Newsworthy. Even if they did know and they were outraged, What could they do about it.

Eliminating Corruption in San Mateo County should be pretty simple right? “See Something say Something” That is the Government’s Message. Say something to Who? Then what happens?

What happens when SMC Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos Lies? Currently Nothing.

What happens when District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe Lies? Currently Nothing

What happens when the Sheriff PIO issues a False Press/News Release? 10/03/208 Currently Nothing

What happens when SMCSO Sgt. Irfan Zaidi filed a false police report dated 10/22/2018 in the Chinedu V. Okobi Homicide? Currently Nothing.

What happens when SMCSO Sgt Michael Otte committed Perjury in Rachel Amanda Quintana of HMB criminal case in front of Judge Lisa Novak? Bolanos let him Retire. Did the City Managers and City Council know what he did? Were they informed by the Chief, Sheriff Bolanos, SMCCC Attorney David Silberman, Judge Lisa Novak? They all knew he committed a crime.

What happens when the District Attorney’s Office uses its power and authority as a Weapon, Destroy somebody Financially, Emotionally or even causing Death. X Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez Case is in court on May 11, 2021 He was arrested in 2014 remember Smuggling a Cellphone and Drugs to and inmate. Those charges were False, what happens….Nothing that’s 6.5 years of not being able to be employed plus cost to defend.

What happens when Barbara Bonilla Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos’s Employee, his 2018 Political Campaign Manager was escorted out of her office as the Executive Director of SAL Sheriff Activities League. She was Investigated for Embezzlement and Money Laundering at SAL. Did any of the Elected Officials who knew say a word Nope. I was the first to report about it by 30 days. Why? Hint “Those Who Matter” She is being charged by the A.G. Office.

I recommend replacing all Elected Officials and Staff who are on the “Those Who Matter” TEAM with Good Human Beings. A Countywide Public Data base where anyone can report misconduct or criminal behavior by Those Who Matter.

Daly City’s recent Homicide by Police of Roger Allen on April 7, 2021 is a perfect example of City Manager Shawnna Maltbie failure. A perfect example of the Maltbie Family Government Management 101 I’m not surprised. Keep the public in the dark.

I have always recommended for Police Officers to be removed from Schools, and I have never supported children being involved with San Mateo County Sheriff Activities League (SAL). If you are a parent of a child or you know one please share this article with them and then at least they can make an informed decision regarding the risk vs. reward for their child being involved with SAL. Also any city council who is contributing to SAL stop ASAP until they get all questions answered.

For those of you who are wondering what did I do with this information. I provided it to a Supervisor of San Mateo County. My main concern was protecting the Female Deputy’s Identity and Career. I think a fair question to ask Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos and Supervisor Don Horsley is what happened besides the Sheriff Office replacing the Servers. Nothing

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