x Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez in Court Tomorrow.

By Michael G. Stogner

Tuesday, 5/11/2021 Time 9:00 AM: To Listen Call 1-425-650-1381 Code 425463

Defendant Juan Pablo Lopez Jury Trial Day 6 of Motions, Judge Leland Davis III, Courtroom 2H 

Hon. Judge Joseph Scott has been out of the Courtroom on a Medical Emergency since April 1, 2021.

Judge Davis should have an update in the morning.

A little background I call this the San Mateo County District Attorney Supervisor of the Inspectors William Massey case. Remember back to 2014 Sheriff Deputy Juan Lopez decided to offer the residents a choice for Sheriff in 2014.

William Massey did not like that idea and contacted the Employer of Juan’s finance and told him to Fire her. He refused do it so of course William Massey contacted him again with a more forceful demand to fire her.

DDA Kimberly Perrotti doesn’t want William Massey on the witness stand, I don’t blame her.

Anyhow it’s been 6.5 years, there is more than one way to destroy a person, when the D.A. Office is used as a weapon, False Charges like the Smuggling a Cell Phone and Drugs to an inmate. What happened to those charges? You would think your D.A. shouldn’t falsely charge Who’s going to know, or Who’s going to care?

What did the DSA do for Deputy Lopez? Nothing That’s strange.

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