San Mateo County 165 yrs Legacy of Corruption.

SMC President of Supervisors David Canepa

Today Wednesday, May 12, 2021 3:00 PM There is a Webiner

The origin of the county is absolutely fascinating. It was like the Wild West with corrupt politicians and criminal gangs from San Francisco jockeying to control the Peninsula.

Webinar on SMC Corruption

Ballot box stuffing, voter intimidation and the politicians from San Francisco, in league with criminal gangs, who attempted to take over the county before it could be organized in an orderly fashion in 1856.

The results were predictable. Out of a total population of 2,500, 1,700 votes were counted. Gang members became sheriff, county clerk, county attorney, assessor and treasurer along with picking up one of the three supervisorial seats. They had a strange hold on the infant county.

Sounds just like today, Just follow the former San Mateo County Sheriff Juan P. Lopez criminal case that is speeding through the court system 6.5 years and counting. He made the mistake of running for Sheriff in 2014.

The Juan P. Lopez case should be compared to the Zain Jaffer of Hillsborough founder of Vungle case, start to finish in 8 months. Vungle was sold to Blackstone

Ask Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos what actions he took when in 2010 the brave female Sheriff Deputy reported the Gross Misconduct at San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office involving top management and Deputies sharing Porn Images and a Violent Rape Video on the County’s Computers in the 400 County Center Building while at work.

That involved 45 of San Mateo County Sheriff’s Finest Men.

Gross Misconduct at SMCSO

Gross Misconduct at SMCSO

Why was/is the Sam Trans Fraud Investigation not available for the public to read?

False Press/News releases on Errol Chang, Yanira Serrano Garcia, Chinedu V. Okobi and Sandra Harmon Homicides by Law Enforcement.

You get the picture.

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