San Mateo County Information Services Department (ISD). CIO is Gone.

By Michael G. Stogner

Update: 5/21/2021 9:15 AM I checked County Website and Jon Walton has been removed.


This is kind of a Big Deal, Jon Walton is not and has not been with San Mateo County since March 2021. Why is he gone?

Think about all of the Data Bases and Information this position has access to. Medical and Editing for example.

This is from this morning on the County’s Website. Maybe the new guy County Manager Mike Callagy appointed and has all the confidence in can update the County’s Website today.


Photo of Jon Walton
Jon Walton

Chief Information Officer

Jon Walton brings over 25 years of experience in the field of Information Technology and has a diverse background in both public and private sectors, setting innovative technology standards and providing visionary leadership for numerous organizations.

Currently as Chief Information Officer for the County of San Mateo, Jon manages a team of highly skilled professionals committed to delivering a variety of services including Public Safety Radios, Data Center & Infrastructure, Countywide Enterprise Applications, Strategic Planning, Open Data, and much more.

Under his leadership, San Mateo County (SMC) implemented a countywide shared digital public safety radio system, a hyper-converged SDN datacenter, a multi-jurisdictional high-speed fiber network, and the migration of key enterprise applications to the Cloud. In addition, he oversaw the launch of SMC Public WiFi to help bridge the digital divide within the County.

Jon has won numerous accolades for technology excellence and leadership, including awards in government television programming, web services, and open data platforms, providing unparalleled levels of government transparency, engagement and accountability.  Specifically in San Mateo County, Jon launched an Open Data Program to allow citizens to see performance metrics for all activities of County government.  In the City and County of San Francisco, Jon pioneered the local government use of social media platforms, enabling citizens to report neighborhood blight, promote city services, and to further civic engagement.

Jon continues to collaborate with governments, non-profits, and other community stakeholders in an effort to bolster the quality of life of County citizens through technology. Jon is a member of the Dell CIO Advisory Board of Directors, Co-Chair of the Joint Venture Silicon Valley Network (JVSV) Wireless Initiative, and Co-Chair the Global Cities Super Cluster initiative. He is also a member of the San Mateo County Telecommunications Authority (SAMCAT), where he holds the position of Treasurer.

Jon is a long-time California resident and lives in the Monterey Peninsula with his family and dreams of spending more time at local automobile race tracks.Email Address: jwalton@smcgov.orgSocial Media: Twitter: @SanMateoCIO

Not the first time Top Staff of ISD have bailed time for an Audit. Article about ISD

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