Half Moon Bay Agendize the Jimenez-Rarback Report.

By Michael G. Stogner

Update: 8:08 PM June 1, 2021

The Jimenez-Rarback Report was put on the June 15, 2021 Meetings Agenda 4 yes 1 no vote,

This is a San Mateo County Issue not just a Half Moon Bay Issue. It’s rare when an Elected Official actually does the work on behalf of the residents, Here you have two Elected Officials doing what’s right for all of San Mateo County.

San Mateo County Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos, San Mateo County Counsel David Silberman, District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe and even some Half Moon Bay Council members have said that San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy David Dominguez did not turn on his Body Worn Camera when he exited his patrol car and went to the R.V. he expected Sandra Lee Harmon to be in. By the way he went to the R.V. by himself for some reason, He knew Sandra had a Shotgun and a bottle of wine and had mentioned a Race War. He went alone with BWC turned off is the Government’s Official Story. From the first time that story was presented to the public to this day that is exactly what it is a Story Words Spoken by the Top Government Officials. There has not been one piece of Evidence to support that Story.

Just because somebody says something is true, doesn’t mean that it is. Even if it is the Sheriff.

The Axon Log Records which are paid for by the Taxpayers will prove the statement from the Government Officials is True if it is and False if it is a Lie.

The Staff for the City of Half Moon Bay have demonstrated there complete lack of interest in getting to the truth of what happened the night Sandra L. Harmon was shot in the Back three times all Fatal.

2022 Sheriff Candidate Mark Melville has stated that he will release the AXON LOG RECORDS the first day he is sworn in. Now that makes a reasonable person wonder why Bolanos & Silberman are refusing to provide them and also why the City did not sue them to make them public.

Tonights 7PM Meeting Half Moon City

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