Jon Rahm Rodriquez PGA Leader of the Memorial, Positive for Covid-19.

By Michael G. Stogner

PGA Golfer Jon Rahm


PGA “north of 50%” of Players are Vaccinated, What did you expect would happen?

Maybe losing the very likely 1st place purse of $1,674,000.00 will increase the elite to get vaccinated. He was leading after 54 holes played by 6 strokes.

Recently we saw a huge crowd of unmasked spectators overtake the security and assault two PGA Stars on the 18th fairway.

The Tour said Rahm remained asymptomatic. Andy Levinson, the Tour’s senior vice-president who has overseen its Covid-19 protocols, could not say whether Rahm had been vaccinated, and Rahm did not mention it in his statement.

Players who are fully vaccinated – 14 days past the full vaccination cycle – are not subject to testing as a result of close contact. Levinson said “north of 50%” of players have been fully vaccinated.

This might explain the lack of PGA PSA Ads promoting getting the Covid-19 Vaccine.

The PGA has a lot of work to do, and the need to do it Yesterday.

Is not getting vaccinated and wearing a mask worth your health and losing $1,674,000.00?

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