City of Half Moon Bay Public Safety Subcommittee Meeting June 24th.

By Michael G. Stogner

This is the City response after tabling the Jimenez-Rarback Report last week. Three of the council members want more discussion from the public, more listening sessions. They don’t think 7 years since Yanira Serrano Garcia’s Homicide by a sole San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy with No Plan on how to handle the Non Emergency Medical 911 call by her brother Tony Serrano is enough to take corrective action. Of course it is.

The Jimenez-Harback Report called for the creation of a Chief of Police for Half Moon Bay. A position with authority that answers to the City council. That seems like a strange request since Half Moon Bay has Sheriff Captain Saul Lopez who has attended many recent Zoom meetings he is identified as the Chief of Police of Services.

Joaquin Jimenez and Harvey Rarback have discovered what many in San Mateo County Government have known for a long time. The city has absolutely No say in how Sherif Carlos G. Bolanos provides Law Enforcement/Public Safety Services.

The Sandra Lee Harmon Homicide May 5, 2020 is a perfect example. Sheriff Bolanos told the world there was a Shootout and Ms. Harmon fired first at Deputy Dominguez. Of course if that Official Statement were true nobody would blame Deputy Dominguez for returning fire causing the death of Ms. Harmon. He told his Sergeant he fired 5-6 rounds. He actually fired 11 rounds, He failed to mention he fired at her first, and also while she was unarmed with her hands above her head and her back towards him. Ms. Harmon was shot three times in the back all Fatal. He also failed to mention he did not turn on his Body Worn Camera.

The AXON LOG RECORDS keep a precise record of all devices involved in a Critical Incident, example when they were turned on/off.

Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos and San Mateo County Counsel Attorney David Silberman are the lead opposition for making the AXON LOG RECORDS Public.

Those Records would prove the Government’s Official Statement to be true, Why won’t they release them?

The City of Half Moon Bay has requested those records and have been denied.

The Public Safety Subcommittee Meeting is set for June 24, 2021 5:00 P.M. at the Library

I recommend Half Moon Bay Invite Hon. Judge Lisa Novak, Rachel A. Quintana and Retired San Mateo County Sheriff Sergeant Michael Otte to attend a future meeting.

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