Melville, Corpus and Bolanos for San Mateo County Sheriff 2022.

By Michael G. Stogner

Now there are three individuals who have stated their intention to run for Sheriff of San Mateo County in 2022.

Mark Melville ran against Carlos G. Bolanos in 2018 and received 52,996 total votes. He has always said he will be running in 2022.

SMCSO Captain Christina Corpus has now announced her intention.

Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos has already held a fundraiser in Millbrae last month.

Now if San Mateo County Residents can find a candidate to run for District Attorney against Steve Wagstaffe that would be a step in the right direction.

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One response to “Melville, Corpus and Bolanos for San Mateo County Sheriff 2022.

  1. Casual Observer

    Per the San Mateo County Public Portal for Campaign Finance Disclosure websites, none of these candidates have filed for the Jun 07, 2022 Gubernatorial Primary. See

    Candidates must file a FPPC Form 410 (form a committee) or 501 (intention to run for office) to raise or spend money $2,000on a campaign.

    Bolanos has not closed his 2018 campaign. Melville did.

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