Supervisor David Canepa voted No, Why?

By Michael G. Stogner

Yesterday morning I sent an e-mail to San Mateo County President of the Board of Supervisors David Canepa asking him if he would confirm that he was one of the three NO Votes. I didn’t want to produce this article without conformation that it was true. He has not responded to my information request but the video I have linked below confirms it. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s Board of Directors meeting on July 21, 2021 Voted 19 Yes to 3 No for overwhelming approval. It’s always the Vote that counts.

President of Supervisors David Canepa

Video of the entire meeting vote at 5:14:11 mark


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 21, 2021 CONTACT: Kristine Roselius, Air District, 415.519.5419

Beth Willon, Communications Director for Supervisor Cindy Chavez, 408.660.5174

Air District strengthens refinery rule to reduce particulate emissions from fluidized catalytic cracking units

Reducing emissions from FCCUs is a critical step to control health-threatening air pollution

SAN FRANCISCO – The Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s Board of Directors today adopted amendments to Regulation 6, Rule 5: Particulate Emissions from Refinery Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Units to further reduce particulate matter emissions from petroleum refineries. The rule is now the most health-protective and stringent regulation of its kind in the country.

The Air District adopted Rule 65 in 2015 to minimize particulate matter emissions from Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Units, or FCCUs, which are the largest single source of particulate matter emissions at refineries and some of the largest individual sources of particulate matter in the Bay Area. The new amendments impose stricter FCCU control requirements to reduce health- threatening air pollution.

“Today’s vote by the Air District Board of Directors is a victory for every Bay Area resident, particularly those living in communities surrounding refineries as well as the refinery workers regularly exposed to harmful particulate pollution,” said Santa Clara County Supervisor Cindy Chavez, who is chair of the Air District Board of Directors. “We are committed to protecting the health of both refinery workers and neighbors and look forward to implementing this landmark protective rule with Chevron and PBF.”

“As scientific understanding continues to advance on the harmful health effects of particulate matter

pollution, stricter controls are necessary to protect air pollution exposure in impacted areas and t

The Air District is committed to reducing toward controlling the most significant air pollution health hazard in the Bay Area.”

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