SMC ISD Organizational Chart since Jon Walton and Carl Siva have quietly gone from employment.

By Michael G. Stogner

Jon Walton, Gone, Why?

San Mateo County first reported that CIO Jon Walton was no longer employed by San Mateo County in May of 2021, San Mateo County Communication Chief Michelle Durand confirmed that, one month later on June 16, 2021. Michelle works directly for San Mateo County Manager Mike Callagy who is responsible for the ISD Department. So a reasonable thinking person would conclude that Mike and Michelle and many others in San Mateo County Government would know that the Top Two Guys running the ISD Department were GONE.

I recommend an AUDIT of the ISD Department, Audits are a Good Thing.

All No Bid Contracts and all Hiring of personal friends would be a great place to start.

ISD Organizational Chart is BLANK 7/6/2021

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