A.G Rob Bonta keeps his promise, Charges Salvador Sanches x LAPD Officer with Voluntary Manslaughter.

By Michael G. Stogner

San Mateo County there is reason for hope in the Law Enforcement Homicides of Errol Chang, Yanira Serrano Garcia, Chinedu V. Okobi, Sandra Lee Harmon and Roger Allen. Did San Mateo County Grand Jury ever convene for any of the above homicides? I don’t think so, Why not? Even if they did A.G. Rob Bonta just proved why they are not that important.

Independent and thorough review of the evidence and the law. That has always been what is important.

Salvador Sanchez, 32 former Los Angeles police officer was arrested on suspicion of voluntary manslaughter and two counts of assault with a firearm, according to a criminal complaint.

The A.G. has filed these charges after the Riverside grand jury heard evidence in this matter and concluded there was no basis for any criminal issues. This is the problem with Grand Jurys, the public rarely knows what evidence was presented to the jury.

“Where there’s reason to believe a crime has been committed, we will seek justice,” California Atty. Gen. Rob Bonta said in a statement. “That’s exactly what these charges are about: pursuing justice after an independent and thorough review of the evidence and the law. 

Last year, LAPD Chief Michel Moore and the city’s civilian Police Commission ruled Sanchez’s actions were out of policy and were weighing whether he should be fired.

“The decisions and actions of this officer cannot be justified and are inconsistent with the department’s core values, training and expectations of every member of this organization,” Moore said last year.

Salvador Sanchez killed 32-year-old Kenneth French and wounded his elderly parents during a brief confrontation inside a Costco in Corona in June 2019. French, who lived with his parents, had the mental capabilities of a teenager, according to relatives.

A.G. Press Release Criminal complaint at bottom

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One response to “A.G Rob Bonta keeps his promise, Charges Salvador Sanches x LAPD Officer with Voluntary Manslaughter.

  1. Jeff Regan

    This is good news! Police accountability is way overdue nationwide and certainly in San Mateo County, especially with SMC Sheriff Dept and the Sheriff himself. The guardrails have failed in the county, now it’s up to the state.

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