Foster City, Hindi, Awasthi, Sullivan Terminated City Manager Why?

By Michael G. Stogner

Last night August 25, 2021 at a Closed Session Meeting Three council members terminated the new City Manager they just hired in January. They just cost the Taxpayers 9 months of his income. You would think after a national search and all the vetting that is involved to find the right person for the job plus a Pandemic that the three Hindi, Awasthi, Sullivan would have been able to work out whatever the problem was.

It’s pretty telling by the vote this termination was driven by Hindi, Awasthi, Sullivan. The question is What was it? Time will tell it always does.

Council voted 3-2 to Terminate City Manager

Yes: Hindi, Awasthi, Sullivan

No: Gehani, Froomin

Council voted 5-0 to appoint Police Chief Tracy Avelar as Acting City Manager.

A few things to consider San Mateo County Manager Mike Callagy was involved in the hiring and vetting process. Was he advised or informed about the termination in advance?

$273,000 severance pay is the immediate cost to the Taxpayers of Foster City.

Is a Police Chief qualified to be an acting city manager at the same time she has a Full Time job?


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2 responses to “Foster City, Hindi, Awasthi, Sullivan Terminated City Manager Why?

  1. Edward Pierce

    The Community has a right to know why this person was fired! In addition, in this period in history where government spending with sustainable growth for the future is such a hot topic, how do they justify a 9 month’s pay severance package? This certainly implies something went wrong on the City of Foster City’s side of this divorce!

  2. Jennifer Selvitella

    I was also on the committee with Mike Callagy and can tell you we were not advised. I am personally shocked.

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