Warren Metlitzky Misleads Judge Illston in Okobi case.

By Michael G. Stogner

I have never seen a better example of this statement, “Just because somebody says something is true doesn’t mean that it is.”

Yesterday August 27, 2021 10 AM Attorney Warren Metlitzky appeared before Judge Susan Illston.

08/27/2021 – 10:00AM3:19-cv-02992-SI – C.M.O. v. County of San Mateo et al CLERKS NOTICE SETTING ZOOM HEARING. Motion for Summary Judgment [85] Hearing set for 8/27/2021 10:00 AM – Videoconference Only before Judge Susan Illston. This proceeding will be held via a Zoom webinar. Court Appearances: Advanced notice is required of counsel or parties who wish to be identified by the court as making an appearance or will be participating in the argument at the hearing. A list of names and emails must be sent to the CRD at sicrd@cand.uscourts.gov no later than 8/22/21 at 2 p.m. Pacific. Webinar Access: All counsel, members of the public, and media may access the webinar information at https://www.cand.uscourts.gov/si General Order 58. Persons granted access to court proceedings held by telephone or videoconference are reminded that photographing, recording, and rebroadcasting of court proceedings, including screenshots or other visual copying of a hearing, is absolutely prohibited. Zoom Guidance and Setup: https://www.cand.uscourts.gov/zoom/. Motion Hearing set for 8/27/2021 10:00 AM in San Francisco, – Videoconference Only before Judge Susan Illston. (This is a text-only entry generated by the court. There is no document associated with this entry.) (ecS, COURT STAFF) (Filed on 8/23/2021)

He made so many False and Misleading Statements to Judge Susan Illston I’m not quite sure where to begin. I’ll start with the VIDEO he mentions so many times. This video was created by unknown people at San Mateo County Government, it was finally launched to the public the same morning San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe held closed to the public Press Conference for Credentialed Media only, I attended. That date was March 1, 2019 148 days after Chinedu V. Okobi was killed by SIX San Mateo County Sheriff Employees in Millbrae, California October 3, 2018.

I’m not sure how many times Warren Metlitzky has watched the video or if Judge Illston has viewed it I recommend that she does, I personally have viewed it over 40 times.

The video starts with Deputy Wang’s Dashcam on, his vehicle is heading north on El Camino Real he is waiting to make a U-Turn. Warren Metlitzky knows that the Dashcam Video is activated by the Bar Lights on top of the vehicle being turned on, which means Deputy Wang was interested in Chinedu Okobi before he stepped off of the sidewalk and was no safety threat to traffic as the Government claims. He chooses not to mention that to Judge Illston.

Warren Metlitzky tells Judge Illston there is NO Evidence that Chinedu Okobi was dog piled by the Five Sheriff Deputies. Of Course Chinedu was dog piled not by 5 but by SIX. CSO Joseph Gonzales can be clearly seen on top of Chinedu Okobi at the 7:05 mark of the video. If anybody has seen a Little League Baseball game or a Soccer Game at the end is often a Dog Pile.

Warren Metlitzky tells Judge Illston there is no Evidence Chinedu Okobi was pepper sprayed in the face by a Deputy. CSO Joseph Gonzales is Not a Deputy watch his right hand at the 7:18 mark and a second later Deputy Lorenzatti yell “Oh Fuck” as she was sprayed in the face with O.C. Spray.

Warren Metlitzky tells Judge Illston there is no Evidence Chinedu Okobi ever said “He couldn’t breathe.” I recommend you listen at the 8:48 mark to Chinedu Okobi’s last sound/word “BREATHE”

9:59 Mark Unknown “Is he still breathing.” That is a Great Question and it would have been nice if one of the SIX County Employees actually checked.

The Governments Official Story has always been the same a Very Large Black Man failed to comply and was Alive and Well “He was breathing and had a pulse at all times while in the Sheriff’ Office Custody and even several minutes after the AMR people took over from the Sheriff’s Office Employees.” This Video shows a completely different story and remember the Government had 148 day to create it.

This video is supposed to be on the District Attorney’s Website the current link doesn’t work here it is below.

The MISSING 3 seconds from 7:02-7:05 Where are they?

San Mateo County Government’s Video released March 1, 2019

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