Foster City Residents, get ready for Kevin Miller to be your next City Manager.

By Michael G. Stogner

There is no reason to believe he will not be the next City Manager of Foster City as long as the Gang of 3 are in office. He is Herb Perez’s choice.

Retirement Announcement 2018

Foster City Council consists of 5 members, it takes only 3 to control the government. That’s why I call it the Gang of 3. Every 5 member board is the same. That is why I suggest Changing to a Super Majority vote vs. simple majority for serious issues like FIRING your Perfectly well qualified and extremely well vetted Dr. Peter Prinejad.

I recently asked the City for the name of the councilmember who caused the August 25, & 31, 2021 Closed Session Meetings? I’m trying to identify who is the Gang Leader, there is always one. The response from the City was that the Council placed both on the agenda. Remember the Council is all 5, I know that’s not true because two of the Council voted NO, so a reasonable person would know its one of the three.

Foster City Agenda September 13, 2021

I’ve said it before, the Gang of 3 is testing the Residents of Foster City, they are showing you, who really controls the government, they do. What damage can be done to Foster City’s Quality of Life by this appointment, Mariners Point Golf Course recreation area for the residents becoming a Housing Development is just one.

Now is not the time to be outraged, write a letter, make a public comment, protest on a corner, now is the time for swift action, just like you did when you organized and successfully recalled Herb Perez, the Vice Mayor of Foster City.

San Mateo County is watching to see if the residents of Foster City have it in them to do it again.

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