Foster City’s Jon Froomin, has the “Right Stuff”

By Michael G. Stogner

San Mateo County Residents could use him as the next Supervisor of District 2. He should give it serious consideration, the 3.5 year candidate from Belmont has never demonstrated this quality yet.

Last night at the Foster City Council meeting where the vote was 4 yes and 1 No to hire Kevin Miller as Interim City Manager. Jon Froomin stood his ground and voted No for all the right reasons.

All questions remain unanswered regarding the G3 Firing Dr. Peter Prinejad without cause on August 25, 2021.

What date did the Gang of 3 first contact Kevin Miller to discuss taking over the City Manager position?

Foster City Residents should consider changing from Simple Majority to Super Majority Vote to fire City Manager.

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One response to “Foster City’s Jon Froomin, has the “Right Stuff”

  1. Jeff Regan

    I watched that debacle last night. It was telling that the only support for the return of the retired city manager who enabled the Recalled Councilmember was from former elected and past and present commissioners. They were all anti-Recall. This is how they perpetuate their power. Awasthi, Hindi, Sullivan, Bronitsky, Adams, executed a coup.

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