San Mateo County Sheriff’s Activity League, and Captain Christina Corpus.

By Michael G. Stogner

SMCSO Captain Christina Corpus

“SAL has Never been audited.” “We can not account for $232,084.51”

Jeffrey C. Kearnan e-mail
“Per Gigi SAL has never been audited”
We can not account for $232,084.51

San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe recused himself and his entire office from the Embezzlement & Money Laundering criminal investigation involving just one individual. That was the right thing to do.

San Mateo County Sheriff Carlos G. Bolanos and Captain Christina Corpus, chose to ignore the Obvious Conflict of Interest of the Sheriff’s Office investigating themselves. These two were not alone, there were many Sheriff employees involved in the Investigation of SAL.

A reasonable person would ask How is that possible? You will have to ask Carlos & Christina they are 2 of the 3 candidates for San Mateo County Sheriff in the next election just 9 months away.

Every person on SAL Board of Directors would know that the Sheriff’s Office should NOT Investigate itself.

SAL Board of Directors

The State of California Attorney Generals Office not only knew about the obvious conflict of interest, they warned the Sheriff’s Office about it, in an e-mail.

2) That the assigned Detective and Agent avoid regular meetings for the purpose of updating everyone in this
email; as this would avoid possible conflict of interest concerns that could arise.

The Attorney General of the State of California Rob Bonta, through his prosecutor Emily Dahlke approved and offered a plea deal to the only person charged with any crimes in the entire Embezzlement and Money Laundering case involving the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office. That case is now closed, and that case only involved $13,706.35 in restitution.

A reasonable person would ask, what about the others involved? Did they ever find the missing $232,084.51?

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