Message to Shawanna Maltbie and all Elected Officials in Daly City.

By Michael G. Stogner

City Manager Shawanna Maltbie

This morning I couldn’t help thinking about Roger Allen R.I.P. As we all know now he was killed by 4 Daly City Police Officers while sitting in a disabled vehicle. The Official story was the Police Officers were there to Help/Assist.

This morning I found myself in a disabled vehicle, blocking one of two lanes of traffic in Salinas, California. I called AAA and as I was on the phone, a Monterey Sheriff Patrol car pulled up behind me with his light bar lit up, a short time later a 2nd Sheriff Patrol car arrived and parked behind the first car. They asked me if I had called for a Tow and I said yes, they asked if I knew how long before the Tow Truck would arrive? I said I don’t know yet. I asked the first officer if he could push my car through the intersection and he explained that his push bars might damage my rear bumper and it was no problem, he would just stay until the Tow Truck arrived.

The two Monterey Sheriff Deputies stayed with me and my disabled vehicle for 40 Minutes until the Tow Truck arrived and loaded me and my vehicle. They never once asked me my name, they never approached and surrounded my vehicle, they never once said “We are here to Help” They simply made sure I was safe and my vehicle did not get run into by a distracted driver.

Thank You, Monterey County Sheriff Office Deputies, for your professional behavior this morning. I only wish Roger Allen R.I.P. had you to protect him.

Michael G. Stogner

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One response to “Message to Shawanna Maltbie and all Elected Officials in Daly City.

  1. Braedypestoni

    I almost killed Myself and supposedly they came for a welfare check they blocked my car in and did a warrant check the first thing out of his mouth was about the condition of my room never once did they end of them ask me if I was OK I had a three year old warrant the man officer told me I won’t get no sympathy from him I had been hurt got documented just left the hospital against doctors orders to get my to emotional support animals they took from were I lived which I wouldn’t of left if I hadn’t of been promised by the staff they would be OK to stay there long story short I was trying to get my emotional support animals they said spca had got them for emergency shelter and I could get them back. When I called to get them I was in tears I needed them more than they needed me they told me they weren’t giving back poppy and I argued with them about that come to find out they put my junior down because she didn’t pass a test and adopted poppy out there’s so much more but. I have to stop now

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