x FBI Agents Michael Langeman and Jay Abbott should be Criminally Charged.

By Michael G. Stogner

Nobody is above the Law, except “Those Who Matter.”

The inspector general said Abbott applied for the job at USAG but did not get it, and when confronted later, falsely claimed he never applied. Abbott retired from the FBI amid the internal investigation. Both he and Langeman lied to the inspector general agents about their roles in the Larry Nassar case, according to Horowitz’s report, but Justice Department officials declined to prosecute them for false statements. WHY?

Nassar was arrested by authorities in Michigan in late 2016. The report found that in the time between the FBI being alerted to the allegations and his eventual arrest, Nassar went on to abuse about 70 more victims, though lawyers for those victims say the figure is more like 120.

Indianapolis office never opened an investigation or assessment of Nassar when the allegations were brought to them.

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